Simplicity needles

Suitable for Simplicity device. Available in 5 different needle formations

Safety needles

Safety needles fit on the standard safety handpiece. For the protection of both the technician and the client, the Nouveau Contour needle cartridge system works unlike anything on the market today. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the handpiece. When the cartridge is detached from the handpiece the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge, preventing an accidental stick to the technician, or client. Available in 16 different needle formations.

Nouveau Pro cartridges

Nouveau Pro cartridges fit on the Nouveau pro and IQ handpiece. The cartridges offer less vibration and run extremely supple. The Enforced Retraction System pulls the needle out faster from the skin, which causes less skin trauma and it is far more confortable for the client. This system also places more pigment in the skin. Because of the pre-formed fingertips you automatically hold the handpiece in the correct position. These needles absorb more pigment from the pigment cup and bring more pigment into the skin. Available in 18 different needle formations.

High Definition IQ handpiece
• Weight: 54 g
• IQ technology
• Nouveau Pro needles
• 18 different needle formations
• Precision
• Skin resistance sensor
The Intelligent High Definition device comes standard with the IQ handpiece. This handpiece has the same features as the Nouveau Pro handpiece plus an extra feature – microchip with IQ Technology. The IQ technology is the latest version of the skin resistance sensor and increases or declines needle speed and pressure adjusted to the selected IQ mode, type of treatment, needle formation, technique and measured skin resistance. The IQ handpiece and the device constantly exchange information with one another for optimal pigmentation

Safety handpiece
• Weight: 79 g
• 16 different needle formations
• Skin resistance sensor
Nouveau Contour Intelligent and Digital 1000 both come standard with Digital Safety handpiece. It guarantees no chance of cross contamination. To achieve the best results on different skin types and with individual techniques the handpiece is designed to change pigmentation depth. The handpiece is made of die cast aluminum and is extremely light.

Nouveau Pro handpiece
• Weight: 49 g
• Skin resistance sensor
• Nouveau Pro needles
• 18 different needle formations
Nouveau Pro handpiece has a number of unique features. The main difference with the conventional handpieceis that the needle module is not just in the tip of the pen but overlaps most of the pigmentation pen. This means the entire part that you are holding when changing the needle module is sterile. The Enforced retraction system ensures that the needle is pulled out faster from the skin, which reduces needle contact with skin and causes less skin trauma. This system also places more pigment in the skin. Nouveau Pro handpiece is available for the Digital 1000 and Intelligent devices.


The Portable Permanent Cosmetics Device

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect starter device
  • Ideal for mobile pigmentation
  • 5 different needle formations

PRICE: 1 430,00 EUR

Intelligent High Definition

Latest innovation in micropigmentation

  • High Definition pigmentation
  • 10 treatment pre-sets
  • Intelligent Quality Technology
  • IQ hand piece
  • 18 different needle formations

PRICE: 3 495,00 EUR


Power and Precision for Permanent Cosmetic and Medical Applications

  • Cosmetic and medical micropigmentation
  • Computerized drive
  • 4 treatment pre-sets
  • Safety hand piece
  • 16 different needle formations

PRICE: 3 195,00 EUR

Digital 1000

The Center of a Busy Practice

  • Top design
  • Digital drive
  • Sensi-Touch operation
  • Safety hand piece
  • 16 different needle formations

PRICE: 2 595,00 EUR