Simplicity needles

Suitable for Simplicity device. Available in 5 different needle formations

Safety needles

Safety needles fit on the standard safety handpiece. For the protection of both the technician and the client, the Nouveau Contour needle cartridge system works unlike anything on the market today. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the handpiece. When the cartridge is detached from the handpiece the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge, preventing an accidental stick to the technician, or client. Available in 16 different needle formations.

Nouveau Pro cartridges

Nouveau Pro cartridges fit on the Nouveau pro and IQ handpiece. The cartridges offer less vibration and run extremely supple. The Enforced Retraction System pulls the needle out faster from the skin, which causes less skin trauma and it is far more confortable for the client. This system also places more pigment in the skin. Because of the pre-formed fingertips you automatically hold the handpiece in the correct position. These needles absorb more pigment from the pigment cup and bring more pigment into the skin. Available in 18 different needle formations.