Micropigmentation is designed for a modern women who wants to be beautiful in every life situation.

The first micropigmentation procedure was carried out in 1880 in the United States, but this idea already came in ancient Egyptian times. Today Micropigmentation center can offer modern and contemporary procedures for every woman. During the procedure pigment is injected into the layer of epidermis, in the depth of 2-3 mm. Needle moves vertically so skin is damaged less. The exact amount of pigment is precisely injected to the required depth. The right color is selected according to customer’s needs and her natural facial features. During the procedure you will not feel the pain because is injected in the depth where important nerves and blood vessels do not exist.

The aim of micropigmentation is to emphasize natural facial features, form a perfect facial lines and give more brightness.

Cosmetic micropigmentation:

eyebrows (6 D microblading, 3 D hairstrokes technique, full shadowing)
eyelash growth area;
upper and lower eyeliner;

Micropigmentation can help for both women and men who feel discomfort because of hair loss after various traumas or chemotherapy. What is more it adjusts asymmetrical facial features or other problematic areas.