5176642Do you want to learn a new speciality and become a successful micropigmentation master?

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Micropigmentation becomes more and more popular cosmetic procedure. We suggest various teaching programs for beginners and advanced masters. Our aim is to provide the best quality education for students. After successful completion of the course you will become a qualified micropigmentation master. Our program is designed to ensure that you are prepared to meet all necessary requirements to become professional in the field of micropigmentation.

Micropigmentation centre allows a maximum of 2 students per educator to ensure you will receive the required attention and knowledge to maximize your potential in the field of micropigmentation. You will graduate as a capable, knowledgeable, and motivated professional and will have obtained all the necessary training and experience in this area of study. Our teaching methods are designed to guide you to succeed as a talented professional.

Our educators have worldwide experience and expertise so you will learn from the very best educators available. The education is the foundation of your work later. Your clients demand the best micropigmentation they can get. After you have completed the course you are assured to meet the highest requirements of your clients.

Basic Course

Allround Basic Course The All-around Fundamental Training consists of theory training, practice training on artificial mannequin heads and practice training on models. After successfully completing this part of the course you will receive your certificate and you can immediately start with micropigmentation in your salon. To give you further support we offer advanced classes where you can further develop your skills. Master Class: 3D eyebrows Create the appearance of a more natural eyebrow by using the newest needle configurations and 3D hair stroke techniques. Review face shape and determine the correct placement of brows.


Master Class: 3D eyebrows9587893

Create the appearance of a more natural eyebrow by using the newest needle configurations and 3D hair stroke techniques. Review face shape and dete rmine the correct placement of brows.


Master Class: shaded eyeliner

Update your eyeliner techniques by mastering color layering and shading. Learn ways to reduce touch ups. Find out what needle configurations are recommended for Eyeliner procedures.


Master Class: 3D lips

You will learn how to combine colors, chose the most suitable needles and use a 3D lips technique.


327982Master Class: pigment removal

With pigment removal technique you can remove wrong placed or too dark pigments out of the skin without the risk of scarring or traumatizing the skin. By using pigment removal technique that do not leaves any scars and do not torn the skin, you will learn to remove pigments.


Master Class: needles and technique

In this course you will learn more about different needle configurations. Course is designed for those who want to know more about needles and their usage techniques.


6731190Master Class: coloristics

You will learn Nouveau Contour’s skin analysis system to help take the guesswork out of selecting the correct pigment color for your client’s skin tone. The Color Identification System is unique Learn to master cutting-edge procedures and review in depth about needle selection and color correction

Marketing and sellings

159965We will explain how to reach new clients, what is the best pricing, how can you sell your treatments to your clients, how can your promote micropig
mentation, how to use all marketing tools