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The team at Micropigmentation Centre is made up of experienced and continuously trained permanent make-up professionals, always striving to deliver flawless results.


I am Gitana Vizgaitienė, a well-known long-lasting make-up specialist not only in Lithuania but also worldwide, and the founder of Micropigmentation Centre.

I am naturally light skinned, so I have always dreamed of darker eyebrows, more expressive eyes, and more sensual lips. As soon as permanent make-up was introduced in this country, I tried it without waiting. And then I had the idea to help other women feel more beautiful and confident. So I started to learn the subtleties of micropigmentation, and later I founded the Micropigmentation Centre. It’s not for nothing that they say that all you have to do is find a job you love to get up every morning with passion and the will to work. For almost 17 years, I have been going to work happily, and never once in my mind doubted whether my choice was the right one.

Experience, safety and excellent quality

The team at Micropigmentation Centre is made up of highly skilled make-up artists working together with Gitana Vizgaitiene, who are constantly upgrading their skills in permanent make-up. I myself am a Nouveau Contour (USA), CLINITA (Italy) top micropigmentation master, I have the right to train beginners and issue them with certificates recognised worldwide. I am regularly invited to judge world championships. I always strive for perfection and precision, and I demand the same from all my team.

Our work is guided by the current concept of aesthetics, which promotes naturalness and delicacy. The goal of our experienced team is to accentuate each woman’s most beautiful features, giving her face a more expressive, feminine and sensual look, while maintaining her individuality and natural appearance. This result depends not only on the experience of the specialists who carry out the permanent make-up, but also on the quality and choice of the technology, pigment and other tools used.

Our aim is to ensure that every client who visits our centre is surrounded by individual attention, feels safe, comfortable and can enjoy a flawless result.

Entrust your beauty to the professionals at the Micropigmentation Centre and we will strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations.


CEO Gitana Vizgaitienė

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Your feedback is the best evaluation of our work. Thank you for entrusting us with your dreams and sharing your experience.

Oksana Pikul Jasaitienė

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Natalija Martinavičienė

I had an unpleasant experience in the past, when I had to spend about a year removing, repairing and otherwise adjusting my long-lasting eyebrow make-up, so this time I chose my specialist carefully. I have ...



Personally, my result before and after is a true cosmic! 😍 I was very surprised, the girls were very nice and the master surpassed my own expectations, she was very thorough and friendly, she knows ...



I did it twice. One time with Gitana and the other time with Evelina, not only perfect masters but also extremely kind and warm ladies 🌹🌹🌸Wonderful team, cozy and pleasant environment, I want to come ...

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