Here you can find answers to the most common questions asked by our clients and probably yours as well

What determines the outcome of the procedure?

The result of the procedure depends not only on the professional experience of the long-term make-up artist, but also on the quality of the technology used, the quality of the pigment and other tools, and the choice of appropriate products.

What should I do after a micropigmentation procedure?

After the micropigmentation procedure, apply a healing ointment for at least 5 days to the areas of the face where permanent make-up has been applied. Do not use hormonal or antibiotic ointments or moisturisers. Avoid touching the procedure area to avoid bacterial contamination and infection. Do not scratch the scabs, they must fall off on their own. Do not get the treatment area wet for the first day after the procedure. Do not sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium for one month after the procedure.

What determines how long permanent make-up lasts?

The longevity of permanent make-up is directly proportional to the depth of penetration of the colour. So how long you can enjoy the results depends on how the pigment is applied to the skin: whether deeper or at the surface of the epidermis. The longevity of make-up also depends on your age and lifestyle: if you are active and have dry skin, the pigment will fade faster than it would for older, less active women. For older women, permanent make-up lasts longer also due to slower skin regeneration.