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Oksana Pikul Jasaitienė

We have been in contact with master G. Vizgaitiene for some time now. Since I trust this master, I visit her every year to renew my treatments. I admire not only her professionalism, but also the cosy and modern environment of the centre, which makes me want to come back. So I’ll definitely be back

Natalija Martinavičienė

I had an unpleasant experience in the past, when I had to spend about a year removing, repairing and otherwise adjusting my long-lasting eyebrow make-up, so this time I chose my specialist carefully. I have been following the work of Master Gitana Vizgaitienė for a long time. I have also been following the feedback from clients, which gave me confidence and I decided to entrust the procedure to her. I would like to emphasise that this permanent contouring make-up artist takes into account the overall structure and features of the face and advises her clients on which brightness or contour to choose. Now I feel calm.



I did it twice. One time with Gitana and the other time with Evelina, not only perfect masters but also extremely kind and warm ladies 🌹🌹🌸Wonderful team, cozy and pleasant environment, I want to come back, all the best reviews. ♥️😍 I have recommended, I recommend and I will recommend ♥️ 🌷



Personally, my result before and after is a true cosmic! 😍 I was very surprised, the girls were very nice and the master surpassed my own expectations, she was very thorough and friendly, she knows what she is doing. I only recommend Gitana



I was thinking for a long time whether I should do it… but I decided that I was just tired of “playing” with my eyebrows every day with shadows and pencils 😊 I read a lot, I was looking for information about procedures, after all it is a part of the face, not some other place you can hide 😂 and I chose Gitana, a specialist in her field with a capital letter, a warm and nice person. I don’t regret a single day, not a single euro spent, every morning I get up and look at my perfect eyebrows in the mirror! And I’m already enjoying my natural-looking lips contour. As I like to say, life is made up of little things, and it is these little things, done by Gitana’s meticulous hand, that allow me to save a lot of time not spending every day in front of the mirror, to get out of the house in just a few minutes, and to feel beautiful and attractive wherever I go, both at night and day, and on holiday without make-up. I am extremely grateful for this feeling to Gitana and her amazing team! 👍🏻



The best recommendations 💯‼️ Pleasant and warm communication of all the girls who worked with us, the work of permanent make-up artist Gitana was done perfectly 💚



I would like to praise and at the same time be happy with the wonderful master Gitana Vizgaitiene!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹She is not only professional, but also 100% dedicated to her work, and there is no limit to her diligence!!! Everything is perfect, not to mention the comfort 😍 1000 times thank you‼️ We are extremely satisfied, both me and my friend🥰🥰🥰 Biggest recommendation!!! All the best to you in the future‼️

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Clinic services

The "Micropigmentation Centre" team is made up of experienced permanent make-up professionals who are constantly improving their skills. Trust us with your dreams and we will strive to both meet and exceed your expectations.


Micropigmentation of the eye line

Eye line micropigmentation is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that aims to create a beautiful eye line, giving a more expressive, mysterious and charming look. It can be performed to contour the upper eye line and/or the lower eye line.


Eyebrow micropigmentation

Eyebrow micropigmentation is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure, the aim of which is to create a perfect eyebrow line, to highlight natural facial features and to give a more expressive look to your face.


Lips micropigmentation

Lips micropigmentation is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that aims to create a beautiful lip line, enhancing the natural beauty of the lips, giving them a richer colour and visual plumpness.