Deferred payment

Delaying because you don’t have the right amount of money? Training and treatments at the Micropigmentation Centre clinic are available to everyone! We offer you a deferred payment service and you can enjoy your new skills or improved appearance without waiting!

How does it all work?
  • Make a contract at the clinic reception -it's quick and easy.
  • Choose how long you want to repay your loan -within 10 or 20 months.
  • Repay the amount you borrowed -there is no interest and no administration fee.
  • Enjoy the service without waiting!
Example calculation:

Contract term

10 months.

20 months.

Service amount

990 €

3300 €

Monthly payment

99 €/months

165 €/months




Administrative fee



Amount to be refunded

990 €

3300 €

Pay back only what you borrow! Deferred payment service WITHOUT ANY REPAYMENT.

Who can use the Inbank|Mokilizing service?
  • Persons who receive a salary under an employment contract.
  • Persons receiving regular benefits from the Social Security (pensions, allowances, etc.).
  • Civil servants, including statutory civil servants.
  • Statutory civil servants who are currently retired.
  • Farmers.
What documents are required to use the Inbank|MOKILIZING service?

A passport or ID card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania.

If necessary, we may ask you to show an additional document:

For statutory officials - service certificate.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us and we will advise you

Phone: +37060087882


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