“Women are facing really tough challenges – every month a lady who takes care of herself goes to at least seven different beauty treatments, and that’s a whole working week!”, quipped Dainius Martinaitis, a TV presenter, adding that the interest in where the ladies they love are going to treat themselves was the most important argument for bringing so many famous men to the birthday party.

The guests of the exclusive venue on the festive evening included the singer Vladas Kovaliovas, the designer Ingrida Rutkauskaitė – Naujokė, singer Donata Gutauskienė – Laisva, the designer Kęstutis Lekeckas, the party planner Inga Budrienė, and singer Mindaugas Mickevičius – Mino, hair stylist Karolis Murauskas, painter Gintarė Tilūnaitė, singer Mia, TV producer Gediminas Juodeika, singer Rasa Kaušiūtė, plastic surgeon Donatas Samsanavičius, singer Donata Virbilaitė and others.

The founder of the Micropigmentation Centre, who celebrated the anniversary, is Gitana Vizgaitienė, a professional in her field who has been taking care of women’s beauty for 17 years. This is a truly impressive period for a specialist, during which it has been possible to accumulate a lot of experience, constantly improve and get acquainted with ever more modern technologies.

According to G. Vizgaitienė, micropigmentation or permanent make-up is currently at its peak, which is not surprising, because every woman wants to look beautiful at all times, regardless of the circumstances – whether she is going to an important meeting, going to the gym or looking in the mirror in the morning. In addition, micropigmentation treatments can help both women and men who are experiencing discomfort due to loss of eyebrows or eyelash hairs, various injuries or chemotherapy. They can also be used to camouflage scars, correct inherently asymmetrical facial features or other problem areas.