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The team at Micropigmentation Centre is made up of experienced and continuously trained permanent make-up professionals.

Our work is guided by the current concept of aesthetics, which promotes naturalness and delicacy. The goal of our experienced team is to accentuate each woman's most beautiful features, giving her face a more expressive, feminine and sensual look, while maintaining her individuality and natural appearance. This result depends not only on the experience of the specialists who carry out the permanent make-up, but also on the quality and choice of the technology, pigment and other tools used.

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Micropigmentation of the eye line

Eye line micropigmentation is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that aims to create a beautiful eye line, giving a more expressive, mysterious and charming look. It can be performed to contour the upper eye line and/or the lower eye line.


Eyebrow micropigmentation

Eyebrow micropigmentation is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure, the aim of which is to create a perfect eyebrow line, to highlight natural facial features and to give a more expressive look to your face.


Lips micropigmentation

Lips micropigmentation is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that aims to create a beautiful lip line, enhancing the natural beauty of the lips, giving them a richer colour and visual plumpness.

Permanent make-up professionals

The "Micropigmentation Centre" team is made up of experienced permanent make-up professionals who are constantly improving their skills. Trust us with your dreams and we will strive to both meet and exceed your expectations.


Do you dream of acquiring an exciting, creative new profession and becoming a successful micropigmentation specialist? We are looking forward to help you make your dreams come true!

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Your feedback is the best evaluation of our work. Thank you for entrusting us with your dreams and sharing your experience.

Oksana Pikul Jasaitienė

We have been in contact with master G. Vizgaitiene for some time now. Since I trust this master, I visit her every year to renew my treatments. I admire not only her professionalism, but also ...

Natalija Martinavičienė

I had an unpleasant experience in the past, when I had to spend about a year removing, repairing and otherwise adjusting my long-lasting eyebrow make-up, so this time I chose my specialist carefully. I have ...



I did it twice. One time with Gitana and the other time with Evelina, not only perfect masters but also extremely kind and warm ladies 🌹🌹🌸Wonderful team, cozy and pleasant environment, I want to come ...



Personally, my result before and after is a true cosmic! 😍 I was very surprised, the girls were very nice and the master surpassed my own expectations, she was very thorough and friendly, she knows ...



Here you can find answers to the most common questions asked by our clients and probably yours as well

What determines the outcome of the procedure?

The result of the procedure depends not only on the professional experience of the long-term make-up artist, but also on the quality of the technology used, the quality of the pigment and other tools, and the choice of appropriate products.

What should I do after a micropigmentation procedure?

After the micropigmentation procedure, apply a healing ointment for at least 5 days to the areas of the face where permanent make-up has been applied. Do not use hormonal or antibiotic ointments or moisturisers. Avoid touching the procedure area to avoid bacterial contamination and infection. Do not scratch the scabs, they must fall off on their own. Do not get the treatment area wet for the first day after the procedure. Do not sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium for one month after the procedure.

What determines how long permanent make-up lasts?

The longevity of permanent make-up is directly proportional to the depth of penetration of the colour. So how long you can enjoy the results depends on how the pigment is applied to the skin: whether deeper or at the surface of the epidermis. The longevity of make-up also depends on your age and lifestyle: if you are active and have dry skin, the pigment will fade faster than it would for older, less active women. For older women, permanent make-up lasts longer also due to slower skin regeneration.


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